Owner Responsibilities

As the dog owner and/or person in charge of the dog, you are liable for the actions of your dog. By bringing your dog on to premises you agree to abide by these conditions and restrictions.  You will indemnify the hotel for all loss and damage (including financial loss) sustained by the hotel, its employees, customers, invitees and third parties caused by your dog.

You accept personal responsibility for the behaviour of your dog during your stay. Should your dog persistently and excessively bark or whine causing disturbance to other guests, staff will contact you.  If the disturbance continues, staff reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog from the premises.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in all areas of the hotel.

Please ensure that your dog only relieves itself in external areas and that you clean up after your dog. Dog litter bags are not provided and therefore you must bring your own.


A maximum of 1 service dog is permitted to stay. 

Please ensure that you remove any excess water/mud from your dog after a walk before entering the hotel. 

The bathing or grooming of your dog is not permitted within the hotel. 

We kindly request that your dog does not sit on any furniture. 

The hotel will not provide food or bedding for your dog.

Damage and Soiling

Should your dog soil within the hotel causing permanent damage or the necessity for additional cleaning services, or cause any other damage, you will be charged accordingly to the card provided upon booking.


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