Four Seasons Leisure Club accepts that organisations, which include young people among its members, are vulnerable to the occurrence of child abuse. Child welfare and the protection of young people is the concern of all adults at all times, irrespective of their role within the organisation. Below are the procedures for dealing with any welfare or protection issue that may arise:

All concerns should receive an appropriate reaction; Persons unsure about whether or not certain behaviours are abusive and therefore reportable. Grounds for concern include a specific indication from a child, a statement from a person who witnessed abuse or an illness, injury or behaviour consistent with abuse. A report may be made by any member in the centre, but should be passed on to the Leisure Club's designated Child Protection Officers. This may result in the designated Child Protection Officers passing the concerns to the local authorities. It is not the responsibility of anyone working within the Leisure Club in a paid or voluntary capacity, or those working in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan, to take responsibility or decide whether or not a child abuse is/has taken place. That is the job of the local authorities. However, there is a responsibility to protect children by assisting the appropriate authorities so that they can then make enquiries and take any necessary action to protect the young person involved. Everyone should follow both procedures outlined below, firstly the procedure for responding to a child in distress and secondly the procedure for reporting the concern

We have accesible parking within 10-meters of the front entrance, a pool hoist and staggered steps into the pool, along with a private accesible changing room

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